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Social Media Management
We can help analyze what your current strategy is and what works. Furthermore, we can improve your social media strategy. Our team will give you a full review to see how your business can get better results through online marketing.
Content Curation
We know how to find and post content on social media that is both informative and interesting for customers to interact with. Having proper content for your followers to engage with is a great and organic way to gain followers and reach out to customers that need your tax business. This service includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Content Scheduling
After creating your content, the next step is to create a schedule. Our software allows users to post the content immediately or in the future. Scheduling posts early is the key to social media marketing. Instead of creating posts on the spot, you can make it when you’re not busy. This way, you can plan out your posts based on holidays, day of the week, and more.
Reputation Monitoring
Clients often check review sites, such as Yelp, when deciding if a new product or service is worth their time. In order to keep your customers happy, monitoring your social media presence is a must. Once you receive your reports, you can make changes to get the 5 stars your tax business deserves. We monitor your Facebook, Yelp, and Foursquare pages all in one place.
Social Analytics
After creating marketing strategies, you have to identify what posts are trending for you. Using our reports, your tax business can fix your social media strategy based on numbers. Moreover, you would be able to stop campaigns that are not getting results. Instead, you can expand on the ones that do. We provide reports for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, deals, sweepstakes and content banners.
Reach more people with the right
Social Media Marketing
Of course, social media marketing is easy to get started in, but hard to master. However, Tax Marketing Services know what it takes to ensure that social media users can connect with your tax business properly.
Reward your customers with sweepstakes geared towards potential or returning clients. Regardless of winning, this strategy will have people learn more about your tax business. Additionally, hosting fun giveaways can help you grow your social networks on all your social media platforms, and gain new customers.
Deals and Giveaways
Engage your customers on social media with deals and giveaways that will have people work with your tax business. Additionally, you can use coupons to introduce new people to your business and gain a wider market reach. After all, everybody loves a good deal with quality service.
Content Banners
Remind people about your tax business through content banners. Content banners can show on your websites, social media pages, or partner sites. This feature allows people to enter their contact information. With the information, you can reach out to your new contacts directly about your tax business. Furthermore, you are able to plan ahead for future marketing with the new leads you gained.
Social Media Packages & Pricing
Social Media
Starting at
*One-Time Setup Fee not included.
  •  Curate your posts by having a variety of engaging topics for your followers to see
  •  Strategically schedule your posts to get maximum impressions
  •  Keep an eye out on your tax business online reviews with reputation monitoring
  •  Receive social analytics on your social media accounts to personalize your strategy
Social Deals and Coupons
Starting at
*One-Time Setup Fee not included.
  •  Maintain interaction with your customers online through deals and giveaways set up for your tax business
  •  Includes social media posts to promote the current coupon deal
  •  Gain email leads and remarket to your new accumulating emails about tax services
  •  Paid ads to further promote the coupons are an additional charge
Social Sweepstakes
Starting at
*One-Time Setup Fee not included.
  •  Reward your followers with a chance to win a sweepstakes within your service
  •  Includes social media posts to promote the current coupon deal
  •  Gain email leads and remarket to your new accumulating emails about tax services
  •  Paid ads to further promote the sweepstakes are an additional charge
Facebook Ads
Starting at
*One-Time Setup Fee not included.
  • Grab potential customer's attentions through professionally designed ads 
  •  Optimize your reach through targeted audience tailored for your goals
  •  Receive account monitoring and monthly reports to analyze and modify your marketing strategies
  •  Buy additional ads in $100 increments
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